Get copy for your website that drives traffic, demands attention, and


Attract and convert the right readers with copy that makes you the obvious choice. Spend less time chasing unqualified leads, and more time doing what you’re good at.

Business owners & founders…

With so many brands competing for your audience’s attention, your website needs to sound and feel different. Fortunately, a lot of your competitors sound the same — and most of the time, lame (with jargon-stuffed copy as flavorful as boiled broccoli). 

That gives you a golden opportunity to stand out.

A business owner and founder working hard as a team of one, writing content for their website.

Custom, concise, compelling copy for your website

No generic copy templates. No boring, drawn-out sections. Just SEO best practice, persuasion techniques, and your brand’s unique angle in your industry.

I write copy that sets the foundation for your business long-term. And I make creative decisions I can explain. You’ll feel confident in your website’s ability to convert.

Trust the right person with your client’s website

Not every copywriter writes bangin’ copy. On your quest for the perfect web copywriter for your client, you’re guaranteed to run into: 

Template lovers

Keyword stuffers

Deadline pushers

Chronic ghosters

And people who are flat-out hard to get a hold of. (WhatsApp or carrier pigeon only.) Those people aren’t the persuasion partners for you.

Get custom, concise,


copy for your website

No generic copy templates. No boring, drawn-out sections. Just SEO best practice, persuasion techniques, and your brand’s unique angle in your industry.

I write copy that sets the foundation for your business long-term. And I make creative decisions I can explain. You’ll feel confident in your website’s ability to convert.

Website copywriting packages


  • Up to 12 web pages of copy

  • Receive copy in 6-8 weeks

  • Perfect for medium-to-large brands


  • Up to 8 web pages of copy

  • Receive copy in 4-5 weeks

  • Perfect for small-to-medium brands


  • Up to 4 web pages of copy

  • Receive copy in 2-3 weeks

  • Perfect for solopreneurs and local businesses

My copywriting for websites includes…

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Thoughtful discovery: custom questionnaires, market research, and competitor analysis

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Search engine optimization: keyword research and optimized front-end & back-end copy

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Brand messaging support: to help you clear up your brand voice and unique positioning

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Clean formatting: headings & section breaks for easy hand-off to designers and developers

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2 rounds of revision: so all the copy for your website will be spot-on

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optional add-ons…

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Brand messaging guide: create a standard of consistency across your writers and channels

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Social media posts: build your audience's anticipation for launch and promote your shiny new site

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Additional rounds of revision: I'm happy to take another look, although my clients have never needed me to!

Rachel Ciervo, website copywriter. Working on her MacBook with coffee in hand, writing web copy for a client.

I love our venue's new website! Rachel took our vision, deciphered what we wanted, and translated it into exactly what we were looking for.

Her process was thorough but easy for us, and she answered all of our questions along the way.

Savannah Gallegos

Waters Edge

When building a new website I was really stuck on how to present myself in words. Rachel was fast, efficient, thorough, but most importantly she did not change ME! 

She got across all I wanted to represent in a way that really spoke to me. The way I wanted to speak to others. Without a doubt, I could not have done it without her.

Kathie Salvadalena

Kathie Salvadalena Real Estate

I felt stressed for years about taking a chance on making an investment in my website. I've interviewed so many people but it never felt quite right. Then I met Rachel and I felt like I was truly being heard. Working with Rachel transformed my website and the way I think about my business.

She audited every drop of my business to create a destination for future RSA clients. Rachel is a home run on every level and I couldn't recommend more. A testimonial won't do her true justice so if you are on the fence, call me so I can push you in her direction.

Alex Sunshine

Rising Suns Agency

I needed a copywriter for websites who could deliver high-quality web content quickly. Rachel took the time to get to know my brand and listen to my vision and voice.

Her copy is more than I imagined and is already getting results and great feedback.

Blaire Smith

Beyond the Stage Youth

Rachel wrote the initial copy for our new startup (home page, landing pages, value proposition, and initial blog posts). Throughout the process, she was organized, responsive and willing to go the extra mile. Her expertise and attention to detail set her apart.

Rachel excelled at writing copy that effectively conveyed our brand and products. The questionnaire she sent helped to create clarity around our messaging and brand voice, which has significantly impacted our company's success.

Michael Dodd

planning hub

I worked with Rachel on my client's website and my social media. Both were seamless.

She asks thoughtful questions and nails the messaging... her website copy brought my client to tears (in a good way!) Plus, her social posts generated 20,994 views & 619 engagements (345% & 365% increase).

Josh Hampson

hmpsn studio

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A peek at my process

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Research: Before I put pen to paper (fingers to keyboard?), we have important work to do. You’ll fill out onboarding docs while I get up-close-and-personal with your industry… studying your audience, spying on your competitors, and solidifying a keyword strategy.

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Writing: We’ll get things rolling on a Kickoff Call with our favorite mugs in hand and our brains in sync. Once we review your onboarding docs and lock in the final timeline, I can start writing concise and compelling copy for your website.

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Edits: Writing in Google Docs makes editing easy. I’ll share the copy with you as a commenter so you can flag the parts you love and sections that need a second look. You get 2 rounds of revision… but with the prep work we put in, you may not need them.

Wondering how it all works?

I know how much of a hassle it is to put on real clothes and hop on Zoom, so get your questions answered here first.

How soon will my website copy be ready?
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Custom copywriting takes a little time and a lot of love. I designed my process to get high-quality copy in your hands ASAP, so you can expect…

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2 weeks for micro sites (up to 4 web pages)

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3 weeks for small sites (up to 8 web pages)

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4-8 weeks for medium-to-large sites

Do copywriters design websites, too?
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Like most copywriting specialists, I leave web design and development to the pros. The good thing is, I know a lot of them. Ask me for referrals for web designers and developers and I’ll be happy to connect you.

How long does it take for SEO to work its magic? 
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Ready for an unsatisfying answer? It depends on things like…

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The quality of your site’s existing content

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Which keywords you’re trying to rank for

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How often you publish optimized blogs

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The age and authority of your domain

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How serious your competition is

… and many, many other things. But generally speaking, if your SEO strategy includes optimizing your website and publishing blogs, you may see results in 3-6 months.

As a copywriter for websites, do you also write blogs?
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Absolutely! A comprehensive SEO strategy involves targeting the right keywords with blog posts… so I’m all over that. Consistent blogs spike your SEO momentum and help you get the best return on your investment.

How do I know you’re legit?
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Wanna make sure I’m a real person with real experience? I respect that. Before you choose a copywriter for your website, look for someone who has…

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Relevant work samples:
If they’re calling themselves a website copywriter, their portfolio shouldn’t be all emails and ads. They should have website copy to show you. Check out mine.

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A recognizable brand voice and unique positioning:
In other words, a true website copywriter’s website shouldn’t sound like any other website copywriter’s website.

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A credible online presence:
Look for trustworthy testimonials on their website that showcase real people, businesses, and photos. And see if you can find them on social media, like LinkedIn.

Goodbye, generic website words

Hello, words that




Let’s lock in your messaging and shout it from the digital rooftops.